Behind The BRAND

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Who We Are

Our owner Kamri Johnson had had enough of others dictating what women ought to wear. As a young, outspoken, curvy woman who did not fit into the “normal” standards of beauty, Kamri knows very well what it feels when others sideline your ideas for yourself.


Clothing might seem like a superficial thing. But it plays a massive role in what you think of yourself and what society perceives you to be. Kamri recognized that it’s time to bring about a difference. She decided that it’s high time to come up with something that she could throw back at what others think a woman “should be”.


And that’s how NoKontrol was born. We are based in Houston, Texas, and we believe in everything that empowers. We are a clothing brand that lets you breathe in your own skin and encourages you to embrace your sexy, raw self. Our collection includes dresses, sexy jumpsuits and rompers, thrilling denim, and much more- all of which make you look bomb.


We want to get you the best of these styles at affordable prices. From hereon, every woman will wear her own mind on her sleeve.


Why you should choose us


NoKontrol Clothing is all about women standing up for who they are and for each other. When you go for NoKontrol Clothing, you are reinforcing upon the world that style is personal. By choosing us, you are opting for brave fashion, and you are setting a remarkable example for the women around you who have been shunned for their appearance and dressing choices.


At NoKontrol, we believe that there is absolutely no need to care about what conventions have to say as long as you are comfortable in what you wear. From sizes S to 2XL, we have clothes for everyone. And of course, who can say no to good quality clothes at affordable prices, right?


Ladies, all we want is for you to find the right clothes that give you the confidence to flaunt your body however much you want. And we have a bold collection of clothing to help you make your own style statement.


What we offer


1. Jumpsuits


Elsa Schiaparelli created the first fashion jumpsuit in the 1930s and the ongoing wars across the globe inspired the first line of jumpsuits. We’re sure this says a lot about jumpsuits and the strength they carry in their name. And ever since then, they have only evolved into a fashion statement that symbolizes a bold woman.


We offer jumpsuits of high quality in varying colors and combinations. With unconventional patterns and cuts that you could never imagine at such low prices, these jumpsuits are definitely worth fighting the world for.


2. Dresses


Indeed, life is too short to wear boring dresses. So why not flaunt the most interesting parts of you with the most attractive dresses out there? We have dresses made out of different fabrics, all set to make you look and feel gorgeous.


There are both figure-hugging dresses to show off your sexiness and loose-fitting dresses that scream ‘comfort is the new sexy’. From maxi dresses and tube dresses to ruched dresses, we have a fantastic collection of dresses to kick the boring out of any party you go to.


3. 2-piece and 3-piece sets


Sets that are all set to make a casual but lasting impression on those around you. These garments come at astonishingly low prices and balance out both comfort and good looks. Sexy or cute, you can choose how you want to wear them-- because ultimately, it’s all up to you, girl!


4. Denim jeans


No wardrobe is ever complete without denim clothing. We have a hot collection of denim jeans that you can carry off with ease on any occasion. For a casual, friendly outing or a hot date, these jeans will never give up on you.





Trendy is the last stage before Tacky.

-Karl Lagerfield


Indeed ladies, a good deal of tackiness and the ability to tell off anyone who questions your choices is what we need in life right now. And your clothes have a bigger role to play in that than you think.


No matter how your body looks, you gotta be proud of it, woman. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your body; it only shows how much you love yourself. And haters are always gonna hate.


And that’s what we want at NoKontrol; to not let anyone take control of your life but you. Be tacky, stay sexy.